Pay Up!

Preventing a Disaster with Your Own Insurance Company

Insurance Claims Law Expert and National Authority Challenges Insurance Companies Head-On

Insurance companies seem like powerful organizations that answer to no one. Chip Merlin disagrees. 

As founder of the largest law firm in the country that exclusively handles property insurance claims, there is no case that Chip hasn’t seen, and no case that he’ll back away from. His comprehensive and unprecedented knowledge of the insurance landscape shows policyholders that even in the belly of a broken system they have a voice, and it’s the insurance companies that answer to them, not the other way around. 

Guided by the motto, “Justice for Policyholders,” Chip Merlin and Merlin Law Group help people nationwide get the recovery they deserve from bad faith insurance companies. 

More than spreading the word about his firm’s mission, in Pay Up! Preventing a Disaster with Your Own Insurance Company, Chip Merlin endeavors to heal an industry by pulling back the veil, providing clarity to policyholders while demanding accountability from insurance companies like only he and his firm are qualified and specialized to do. 

Through detailed discussions of what’s lurking in policies that many have never completely read, much less understand, Merlin shows policyholders exactly how insurance companies give themselves the upper hand. More importantly, Merlin offers his expert support for those who want to protect themselves from bad faith actors, and solutions to those in the throes of a frustrating claims experience. 

Beyond policy, Merlin troubleshoots the internal shortcomings of insurance companies and why so many find themselves in bad faith litigation. Ranging from rigid and inconsistent approval benchmarks regarding claims disputes to the company culture rot at the core of so many insurance companies, there are many factors at work to deny your claim from the outset. Merlin seeks to lay bare the insurance industry so that we can chart a better way forward for all.

Chip dedicates his time and energy to informing both policyholders and adjusters on how to best navigate bad faith insurers through his practice and speaking engagements across the country. When you want the best, you call Chip Merlin. This book condenses all that knowledge into one go-to source that should be read by anyone with any type of property insurance.
Lisa A. Kline Esq., corporate general counsel

Justice For The Policyholder

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