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Top insurance law authority devoted to guiding individuals, groups, and institutions through the insurance claims process and obtaining full recovery eliminating claim delays and denials.

Chip Merlin is a national authority on insurance and bad faith claim practices. As president and founder of Merlin Law Group, Chip has dedicated his career to the representation of and advocacy for policyholders. For more than 35 years, the Merlin Law Group has exclusively represented policyholders and has obtained a preeminent reputation handling property insurance claims following catastrophes and natural disasters.  

With a special emphasis on commercial and residential property insurance claims, Chip Merlin has been affectionately dubbed the “Master of Disaster” and the “Babe Ruth of Hurricane Claims” for helping individuals and groups across the country get back on their feet and go to battle with insurance companies that have deprived policyholders the full value of their coverage.

For Merlin Law Group, bad faith is more than just insurance terminology, it’s your insurer abandoning their promise to be there for you when you need them most. Getting justice for policyholders is what they do, who they are, and who they have always been since Chip founded this firm in 1985. Since then, Merlin Law Group has grown from a one-man operation to a nationwide firm with attorneys representing clients in Hawaii, California, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Illinois, Oklahoma, and more. Mayors, school board directors, business owners, community association presidents, property managers, and other attorneys to name a few have sought his advice and representation when faced with the responsibility of and need for obtaining a full and fair insurance recovery. Chip Merlin and his team are the go-to legal minds in the country to help policyholders recoup the value they deserve.

Merlin’s mission to get justice for policyholders extends beyond just his practice and his clients. He wants to change the industry by encouraging policyholders to be more aware of and engaged with their policy. Having spent more than three decades combing through policy language, insurance claims case law, and every detail available to him in this legal area, Chip is uniquely equipped to analyze insurance policy in ways that empower everyday people. 

As the leading authority in his field, Chip also serves as a resource for other attorneys in need of a keen and experienced eye in this niche area of law, lecturing to national trade groups and publishing a number of papers and articles on the subject for organizations such as The American Association for Justice, The Florida Justice Association, The Windstorm Insurance Network, and Trial Magazine.

When he’s not staring down a bad faith insurance company, Chip loves to sail and owns a yacht that he frequently races with his crew. He and the boat were on the cover of Sail Magazine’s December 2018 issue. “Fast is Fun” is the team slogan.

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Chip Merlin, Founder of Merlin Law Group

I called Chip Merlin to help with over twenty of my municipal clients with insurance issues from Superstorm Sandy. I got to see firsthand why they call him the 'Babe Ruth of hurricane attorneys.' When it comes to insurance claims, Chip Merlin is the person all others should listen to and learn from.
Lawrence E. Bathgate, II
Senior partner; Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf, P.C

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