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The national authority on policyholder and insurance claims law

Chip Merlin has dedicated his 35-year career to helping policyholders fight insurance companies, holding those companies responsible for thin promises of prompt and full recovery. With integrity and compassion Chip and his team at Merlin Law Group guide clients through the frustration insurance companies cause during devastating times. Chip’s passion for his clients and his mission to improve the insurance claims industry standards has made him the leading authority in achieving justice for policyholders and settling commercial and residential claim disputes.

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Pay Up! Preventing a Disaster with Your Own Insurance Company

Insurance companies have outsized power in the world today. Everyone needs or is required to have insurance and the luckiest among us never have to use it. Anyone who has ever suffered a catastrophe and had to file an insurance claim knows how much of a headache it can be. Payout times are often long and amounts insufficient, if the insurer pays out on the claim at all. Fine print and algorithmic decision-making complicate the process and lead to denials on many of their claims. As an attorney, Chip Merlin is a highly effective litigator for policyholders, earning larger payouts in the shortest amount of time possible. Now, with Pay Up! Preventing a Disaster with Your Own Insurance Company, Chip Merlin has written the book on being a champion of the people and getting justice for policyholders.

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Examining the ins-and-outs of insurance claims to get policyholders what they deserve

It’s rare that people get the greatest value from their policy, especially when they need it most. There’s a degree of bad faith on behalf of insurance companies, but what’s more, policies and terms are so dense and complex that most have no idea what their specific policies entail. This is where Chip Merlin’s knowledge of insurance claims law makes all the difference for clients. Sourcing from his unmatched experience in this area, Chip’s speaking programs debunk the status quo that leaves people at the whims of insurance companies. Chip educates insurance adjusters, agents, the media and other insurance advocates across the country about insurance policy language and claims handling issues. He empowers policyholders to be their own champions. He simplifies otherwise indecipherable small print and clarifies how insurance companies should treat their own customers.

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Justice For The Policyholder

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