Calling in the Big Guns

Calling in the Big Guns | Chip Merlin | Policyholder's Attorney

Knowing when to get help with insurance problems improves the odds of obtaining the best possible settlement Most people hate calling lawyers. Legal troubles are scary and having to get an attorney involved in a case is intimidating. However, there are times when a dispute with your insurance company over a property loss claim will […]

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Getting It Right

Getting It Right : Common Insurance Claim Mistakes | Chip Merlin

When filing an insurance claim, accuracy counts We all like to think we’ve got more common sense than a lamp post. Hopefully, we actually do, but in many cases human behavior defies logic. For example, studies show that 50 percent of gift cards never get redeemed. Other research indicates that 75 percent of drivers think […]

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How Not to Find an Insurance Agent

How Not to Find an Insurance Agent | Chip Merlin

Independent Insurance Agents Can Keep You from Getting Burned You’ve just bought a coffee table at IKEA. You cart the box home, open it up, and stare dejectedly at the plastic bags full of fasteners, washers, and other various pieces of the puzzle. You begin reading the instructions, find them confusing, and plunge ahead anyway, […]

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How to Prep Home for Hurricanes

How to Prep Home for Hurricanes | Chip Merlin

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Since it is January, hurricane prep is pretty much the last thing on most people’s minds. After all, storm season is six months away. No risk right now means out of sight, out of mind when it comes to preparing for the worst. Yet, now is the time […]

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Making Mountains Out of Molehills

Making Mountains Out of Molehills | Class-Action Lawsuits | Chip Merlin

What might seem to be a small claim can actually turn into a class-action lawsuit Sometimes the craziest thing can trigger a class action lawsuit that turns a small claim for an individual into a multimillion-dollar settlement on behalf of a large number of people. That’s what happened when I went to see my massage […]

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The Perils of Coinsurance Penalties

The Perils of Coinsurance Penalties | Chip Merlin | Expert Lawyer

Underinsuring your property exposes you to more than loss risk. It could trigger coinsurance penalties. Believe it or not, some people deliberately underinsure their property just to save a few pennies on insurance premiums. The old saying of pennywise pound foolish certainly applies in these cases. Other policyholders don’t know they’re underinsured because they haven’t […]

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A Match Made in Heaven

A Match Made in Heaven | Chip Merlin | Policyholder Attorney

Finding the right business insurance agent takes work, but the effort will pay off in the event of a loss You can insure just about anything, even your dog. If you’re willing to pay, there’s an insurance company willing to play. When it comes to business insurance, however, the last thing you want to do […]

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All Fired Up

All Fired Up | Chip Merlin | Wildfires | Attorney for Policyholders

Massive California wildfires proliferate, sparking high-stakes risks for insurance companies Get ready for the big one! That’s been a long-standing joke, albeit a jest uttered with an underlying foundation of fear when the denizens of California refer to the likelihood that a giant earthquake will shear the state off from the rest of the continent […]

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Sometimes Hurricanes Get Personal

Sometimes Hurricanes Get Personal | Chip Merlin | Insurance Justice

When Hurricane Michael roared ashore in 2018, it devastated a community I love When a monster hurricane is about to hit your region, a sense of helplessness takes hold. You watch The Weather Channel with mounting dread, and when the inevitable occurs the entire situation still seems surreal. That’s what happened with Hurricane Michael as […]

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